Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Before you order

With Crocart, you can turn your favorite photograph into a paint by numbers. Whether for yourself or to offer, you can now paint any subject with the best chances to impress!
No. The numbers correspond to premixed, standard acrylics available at any art supply stores. All the colors in your palette will be contained in this paint set: Liquitex® Basics 48 tubes set. The best part: you don't have to purchase paint every time you start a new Crocart.
All order confirmation pages have a link to download the Crocart Palette in PDF format (also available here), matching each number to a color, so you can print it at home or read it on your tablet.
No, brushes and paint are sold separately and can be reused for several orders, no need to buy paint each time. If you need paint, we suggest the excellent Liquitex® Basics line of paints available everywhere.
Your order package will contain your printed Crocart: canvases are wrapped in their shipping box, fine-art paper prints are rolled in their extra-sturdy tube. Note that the package will not contain paints or brushes: those can be purchased separately at any art supply store and reused for your next Crocart.
Here is a list of online and store retailers where you can buy "Liquitex® Basics" paint sets:
You can use oil on our canvases, but we recommend acrylics with our papers.
Yes. You can use colored pencils on our canvases and papers - our favorites are this set of 24 Crayola pencils. The color palette does not contain colored pencils names, but this set has a good color range and you can use the palette as a reference to match to the closest color.
The best and clearest patterns will be generated from simple subjects with high contrast and a solid or lightly textured background. Portraits will be best if they include only head and shoulders, especially on smaller formats.
Yes. On the "Style" tab of the Workshop you can pick a detail option - "Realistic" being the most detailed. From there, you can preview how detailed your Crocart will be in the preview window.
You can only move your image within the boundaries of the format that you chose. We encourage you to crop your images before uploading them, so the subjects are as big as possible and the important details are well defined.
Crocarts start at $157 and standard shipping is free no matter how many prints you order. You can see all products and prices on the products page.
We currently accept PayPal, as well as most credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.
Often within three business days plus shipping, usually faster. Shipping speed depends on your choice at checkout.

Before your Crocart arrives

If you already have your favorite supplies, then you're all set. Otherwise we recommend ordering them from Amazon®:
  1. Standard Paint Set: Liquitex® Basics 48 paints
  2. Brushes - good quality brushes make a world of difference: Miniature Paint Brushes. Fine Detail Brush Set 12pc
  3. Easel: Studio Easel or Standing Easel
You can also print your color palette as well as your colored Crocart from your order confirmation page.
Your order confirmation page contains a high definition image of your Crocart in color. You can use that image to easily find the numbers of certain areas.
You can see the current status of your order on your order confirmation page (lost it? no worries, move on to the next question). If your order has been shipped, you can click on the tracking link there to get more information about the status of your package with the carrier.
Confirmation emails often get misplaced, or end up in trash or spam folders - no worries. You can get an order confirmation email re-sent to the address used to place the order. Do do that, simply go to Find My Order and follow the instructions.
From your order confirmation page you can cancel your order for a short period of time after placing it. Once the lab has started working on your order it's often hard to cancel, but send us a message at and we'll do everything we can to help you.

When your package has arrived

The narrowest areas are sometimes un-numbered because they would be too small to read, and so you can safely give them the same color as a bigger neighbor. On the order confirmation page is the colored Crocart: a high definition version of your print that you can use to identify those areas and their neighbors. Larger areas sometimes have meandering shapes, and if two of them are connected in any way, they will be assigned only one number. It can sometimes take some searching to find the connections and if you’re not the puzzle-solving type (we know we are, but we get it!) the colored Crocart can help you there too if you’d rather not search.
Crocarts are custom and made-to-order so we don't have a return process, but whatever the reason we'll always try to make it right if you send us a message at .
If your order was damaged or defective, we want to know. Send us a line at with your order number and we'll make it right.
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